Community Cat Kindness Fund

Community Cat Kindness Fund

The Yolo County SPCA has volunteers helping with the Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) of community cats. For those not familiar with the term, “community cat” refers to what have been called “feral” cats in the past. These cats are now typically called community cats since they are not owned but are cared for by kind community members.

TNR and Caring for Community Cats

TNR has been practiced successfully in Europe for decades resulting in significantly reducing the number of “feral” cats. TNR was finally introduced in the U.S. and the statistics have proven that it does work well, particularly when compared with decades of the failed “capture and kill” programs which killed hundreds of thousands of cats. The “capture and kill” practice only resulted in a “vacuum effect” since nature’s way of responding to a colony diminishing in numbers is to “backfill” to compensate for the loss with more kittens being born and new adult cats roaming into the area. This vacuum effect does not kick-in when the colony of cats is neutered. Instead, the population number stabilizes; plus it reduces male cat fighting, spraying and wandering. For TNR programs, volunteers trap the cats, then take them to a veterinary clinic to be spayed or neutered as well as vaccinated, and finally they are returned to the location where they were living.

In addition to the ongoing TNR programs, there are times when some community cats become injured and need medical attention for conditions which can be treated and the cats then released. Examples include a foxtail in or near an eye, a wound that is infected or a broken limb that needs to be amputated (note that 3-legged community cats do well just like domestic cats). Additionally, there are times when community cats have injuries beyond repair, such as a cat with multiple broken bones and internal damage after being hit by a car. In these situations, humane euthanasia is necessary to end the cats suffering.

Why is the Community Cat Kindness Fund Needed?

The Community Cat Kindness Fund has been set up by the Yolo County SPCA to help provide medical care for community cats whether for TNR, necessary medical care or humane euthanasia. Even with discounted services, paying for the medical care for community cats is often a hardship for volunteers to cover as well as have a significant financial impact on the Yolo SPCA. This fund will allow friends, relatives, neighbors and other caring cat lovers to help community cats in need. All contributors will receive a thank you from the Yolo County SPCA with a fully tax-deductible receipt for this non-profit fund needing your help.

How can you help? Please donate and volunteers are welcome!

You can help community cats by donating one of three ways to the “Community Cat Kindness Fund”:

1. Mail a check written to the Yolo County SPCA, but please specify in the memo area on the bottom of the check that it is for the “Community Cat Kindness Fund” with an accompanying note including your contact info in order to send you a receipt (such as below):
Community Cat Kindness Fund
c/o Yolo County SPCA
P.O. Box 510
Davis, CA 95617

Community Cat Kindness Donation Form

2. Donate online via: option A) PayPal on the Yolo SPCA website but please specify in the "Add a note" line, or using option B) Credit card or Debit card please specify in the "Designate donation purpose" line, that your donation is intended for the "Community Cat Kindness Fund" before submitting the donation on-line in order for your donation to be used to help the community cats.

3. Contact SPCA TNR volunteer Eileen Samitz at (530) 756-5165 if you would like her to pick up your check.

You will receive a Yolo County SPCA non-profit tax-deductible donation receipt with a thank you within a few weeks. Your donations will help to make a big difference in the lives of these very special cats and to help us to provide them with humane help when needed to prevent or end any suffering.

Thank you in advance if you can help, and we welcome volunteers to help and join our team as well! For more information contact Eileen Samitz at (530) 756-5165 or email us at

About “Latte”

The Community Cat Kindness Fund can help us to help community cats like Latte. Latte is a very sweet community cat who has an injured leg likely needing amputation. A little kindness through donations make it possible for us to help community cats like Latte when they need medical attention. Thank you for any donation you can make to help give us the means to accomplish this mission.