Community Cat Spay / Neuter

Clinics near Yolo County for feral/community cats 

Most of the options below provide spay/neuter, vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies, if old enough), flea treatment, and minor wound care if applicable for $10-20 per cat.

Sacramento SPCA Feral Clinic
(Coalition for Community Cat Clinics held at Sac SPCA as well)

Phone: 916-504-2818
Address: 6201 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento

Cost: $17/cat (includes spay/neuter, vaccines, flea treatment, worming if deemed needed, and mandatory ear tip)

Specify that you want to sign up for a feral clinic in your message. Clinics held most Sundays.

Sacramento Area Animal Coalition Vouchers for Ferals


Link to Voucher
Address: N/A.  These vouchers are available to be used at multiple vet offices in the Sacramento area.

Cost: $10/cat.

Two vouchers issued at a time; up to four at a time possible with special request. Vouchers are valid for 30 days.  Mandatory ear tip.

Must apply online for vouchers.  Limited number per person, see website for participating clinics.

Solano Feral TNR Task Force (in Solano County)

Phone: (707) 421-5515

Yolo County Animal Services Feral Clinics

Phone: (530) 668-5287
Cost: $15/cat requested donation

This clinics are currently sporadic. Shelter staff will also attempt to take in a few cats during weekdays when there is surgery space available. Please contact for possible upcoming dates.

FEral Cat

Other Clinics

Most other clinics, including all those listed in the Spay/Neuter Options for Cats, will spay and neuter feral cats. Most charge the same fee as for a tame cat, and so these will most likely be more expensive than clinics designed specifically for feral cats.

Sacramento SPCA

Address: 6201 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA 95828 
Phone: 916-504-2811

Cost: $17-$45

In addition to having feral cat clinics at their facility, Sacramento SPCA also allows for feral cats to be brought in on a walk-in basis. See excerpt below from the Sacramento SPCA’s website:

‘Trapped feral cats may also be brought to our Spay/Neuter Clinic Monday through Saturday without an appointment. We will only accept one trapped cat per person as there is limited space during the week. Surgery spaces will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Price is $45 for a female and $30 for a male and includes spay/neuter, FVRCP and rabies vaccinations, and a mandatory ear tip. Drop off time is 7:15AM to 8:00AM and pick up is between 4PM and 5PM the same day.’

***Both SAAC and Sacramento SPCA have a full listing of other clinics in the Sacramento area that are low-cost. These lists are not always current on prices, but provide other possible options available to individuals. These clinics are generally more highly priced than the clinics listed above, or are farther away, but are important options to be aware of***

See other cat options that will take feral/community cats too.

Questions about feral/community cats

What are community cats? The terms community cats and feral cats are interchangeable.  These cats have been dumped or otherwise abandoned by humans. Either due to lack of socialization while owned, or due to living away from humans. Community/feral cats tend to be untouchable and are skittish around humans. Many spay/neuter clinics designed to help these cats will require that the cats you bring in be 'feral' and not touchable.

Why is ear tipping so important? In addition to spaying and neutering, ear tipping community cats is essential.  An ear tip is a sign to other people involved in helping these community cats that the cat has already been spayed or neutered and vaccinated. People will be less likely to re-trap altered/ear-tipped cats unnecessarily as they already know that the cat won't produce any kittens, and ear tipping allows people to focus on trapping cats that are still in need of spay/neuter.

Would you like to help community/feral cats in your area but you aren't sure how? Please email for more information, or take a look at Alley Cat Allies to learn more about what feral cats need, and how not to add to the feral cat problem. Feeding without spaying actually hurts the ferals because this gives the unaltered cats enough food to have plenty of kittens, and eventually feeding the growing colony will either be too costly, or there will be so many cats that neighbors and nearby businesses will complain.

Help!  I've caught a community/feral cat but don't have a clinic appointment.  What do I do?  Sacramento SPCA will accept one feral cat each day they are open for normal spay/neuter without an appointment (at regular cat prices).  You still need to show up at the correct hours for pick up and drop off. Alternately, contact a regular local vet and make an appointment for that day or the following day, and never set a trap in the future without pre-planning an appointment!  Once you catch a cat in a trap, it may never want to walk in a trap again, so think twice before releasing it.

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