Esmeralda has been doing really well!  She has been getting more playful every day and she still loves her pink egg.  I bought her set of "doggy stairs" and she loves to use them to look out of the window at the birds.  She's still shy, but has become a little braver around me.  She usually sleeps in my bed by my feet, and has sat on my lap a couple of times.  She has explored the apartment outside of my room once, but her and the resident cat, Diana, have only met face to face once (Diana hissed at Esmeralda, so I separated them).  I'm going to get a baby gate this weekend and work on introducing them again.  I think everything is going to work out though, so I don't need an extension for my two week trial period.  I'm pretty attached to her!  I attached some pictures of Esmeralda for you, so you can see how she's doing.  Thanks again for all of your help and for taking such good care of her!

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