Dog Spay and Neuter Options Near Yolo County

Name: Solano SPCA

Address: 2200 Peabody Rd, Vacaville, Ca 95687


Phone: (707) 448-8750

Cost: Neuter (male) $77, Spay (female) under 60 lbs $97, over 60 lbs $120

Other: Animal must come with proof of rabies or receive a $10 rabies at time of spay or neuter.  Dogs must be between 10 weeks and 5 years of age.



Name: ACT Clinic in Stockton

Address: 327 East Alpine Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204-3407 (about 1 hour away from Davis)


Phone: (209) 462-SPAY

Cost: Starting at $70 for a male, $80 for a female, up to $150-175 depending on weight of dog.  Does not require you to be low income.


Local Vets

Please call around to the local vets and ask what the Total price is for spay/neuter.  You can ask about waiving pre-anesthetic blood work/ exam, as this would not be done at a low cost option typically.  You should be able to find a small dog spay for under $200, and a neuter for closer to $150 in the Davis/Woodland area per individuals emailing me to let me know pricing they have encountered.



Sacramento SPCA

Address: 6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA 95828


Phone: (916) 383-7387 (spay/neuter extension 9122, pitbull ext 9017)
Sacramento SPCA provides low cost spay/neuter services for dogs to anyone. Their “Pay to Spay” program for pitt mixes is only available to Sacramento residents. Appointments are first come, first served. Pricing starts at 30 lbs and under ($40 for a male neuter, and $50 for a female spay). Pricing can be found on their website- generally every extra 10 pounds above 30 pounds is an extra $10, with the max price by weight of $110 for a male dog’s neuter, and $120 for a female dog’s spay. In heat females are an extra $10, and pregnant females are an extra $20-60. Cryptorchid (testicle undescended) males are an extra $10-75 depending on the difficulty of surgery.
Sac SPCA also provides low cost vaccinations, some testing, umbilical hernia repair (only at time of spay/neuter surgery), puppy teeth extraction (only at time of spay/neuter surgery) and
microchipping. Please call them or the Yolo County SPCA spay/neuter coordinator for further information.




Please read through the options listed below, and contact the Yolo County SPCA Spay/ Neuter Coordinator with any questions at (530) 902-6267 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


***Both SAAC and Sacramento SPCA have a full listing of other clinics in the Sacramento area that are low-cost. These lists are not always current on prices, but provide other possible options available to individuals. These clinics are generally more highly priced than the clinics listed above, or are farther away, but are important options to be aware of***

Sac SPCA other Clinics

SAAC's Listing of Other Clinics

Solano Options


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