Yolo County Animal Services

Yolo County Animal Services is an animal shelter located in Woodland. Run through the Sheriff's Department, this shelter serves all of Yolo County.  They are responsible for rabies control in the county, and for stray animals.  While Yolo County Animal Services is separate from our non-profit, Yolo County SPCA, we attempt to help one another whenever possible. 


Yolo County SPCA is a foster home based animal rescue organization that works to find homes for homeless, abused and neglected animals, while Yolo County Animal Services enforces the laws of animal abuse and neglect. They work cooperatively to protect animals and serve the public. Yolo County SPCA helps staff the Lost and Found Pets run through an office at Yolo County Animal Services, we assist them in finding rescue for many of the animals that enter the shelter both with Yolo County SPCA, and with other rescue groups, and we also help staff their adoption counseling.


For more information about Yolo County Animal Services, please visit their website or their petfinder page or contact their volunteer coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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