Happy Endings

Olivia (Scout)




Here is a picture for you of Alfie with his new sister Isabelle.  They love each other and are taking a nap together now.  Thanks again!!



Petunia's Happy Ending

altPetunia and I are doing great. She sleeps with me every night and usually tries to get under the covers. During the day she is a bundle of energy and runs around with her toys and climbs up and down the cat tree. We are slowly introducing her to our other cat. He is mostly ignoring her right now but keeps his ears up and watches her from a distance. I think with time they will get along just fine. I am attaching some pictures of her. Maybe you can pass them along to Ben (I believe that was the little boys name who fostered her). Brittney


I just wanted to give you an update on how Tonio is doing. He is wonderful and fitting in to the family perfectly…him and his sister, Maddie love each other. He is a total sweetheart, and we love him & his lil waggin tail. I attached some pictures. :)

Tonio_AdoptedTonio_Adopted_3 Tonio_Adopted_2

Murphy's Happy Ending

It's been a little over a year and we wanted to give you an update on Murphy (formerly Monkey)!  We love this little guy!!!  Murphy has turned out to be such a lovable, fun, playful addition to our family.  He still has some things to work on, but he has made a lot of progress!  He is now our official greeter when we have people over.  He has become a lot more comfortable with people, and has a blast at the dog park - on the small dog side, of course. His favorite things are going for walks and playing with his "sister", Daisy.  We have included a short video of this in addition to a few photos.  Murphy also LOVES being petted/a lap dog as you'll see in the pictures; and being on patrol in the back yard for skunks, cats, and anything else that moves (he has only been skunked one time... so far).  Another thing that Murphy has come to love is our trips to our family property, in the mountains, where he can be his 100% terrier self.  He gets to be off leash, chase chipmunks, and dig to his hearts content. Thank you for all the time and effort you (and Casey) put into Murphy in order to help him realize that people don't have to be mean and scary!  We are very grateful that you didn't give up on him, or finding a home for him, in spite of his behavioral issues.  Murphy seems to be happy in his new pack. Thanks again for all you've done!
Rich and Andie

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