Happy Endings

Olivia's Happy Ending

We hope you and everyone at the SPCA are doing great.  Our new little family is doing very well :). We are madly in love with our little Olivia. After 2 weeks of being in her "forever home" and settling in, she is now developing a cute little personality. Olivia loves all of her toys, playing ball and her walks. She brings us so much joy....we could not be happier!


Alfie's Happy Ending


Here is a picture for you of Alfie with his new sister Isabelle.  They love each other and are taking a nap together now.  Thanks again!!

Petunia's Happy Ending

Petunia and I are doing great. She sleeps with me every night and usually tries to get under the covers. During the day she is a bundle of energy and runs around with her toys and climbs up and down the cat tree. We are slowly introducing her to our other cat. He is mostly ignoring her right now but keeps his ears up and watches her from a distance. I think with time they will get along just fine. I am attaching some pictures of her. Maybe you can pass them along to Ben (I believe that was the little boys name who fostered her). 


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