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The Big Buns

snowflake - img_20090801_3008Meet the “Ugly Duckling” of the rabbit world.  They are not petite, like dwarves; neither do they have the soft fur of a rex.  Big white bunnies weigh between 8-14 pounds fully grown and are completely white.  Most are albinos, thus the red eyes.  This large, plain appearance is their downfall in shelters and rescues when they are contrasted with more elegant bunnies.  Yet despite the lack of glamour, big white bunnies are more than meets the eye.

Originally bred as a meat rabbit with the idea bigger is better, and through the pursuit of this particular trait others such as coloring were bred out.  Later they gained use for another reason.  The Easter Bunny!

Rabbits in general make great house pets, and big white bunnies are no exception.  With their added size they have a more outgoing personality.  Unlike smaller breeds which can be shy, or nervous, big white bunnies are adventuresome and jump right into the middle of the household.  Big white rabbits are very sure of themselves.  They love interacting with their humans while at the same time they get along with other household pets such as cats and dogs, making them perfect for a large family.  Big white rabbits are good with children as they don’t startle at their quick movements and loud noises.

With all pets there comes responsibility. Rabbits require a special diet regimen to keep them healthy and happy.  Even though they do not need vaccinations, they do require check up with the vet. Rabbits also must be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted litters, and also to prevent reproductive cancers.  It is a small price to pay for the enjoyment a big white bunny can bring to your life.  With out fancy colors, diminutive size, or long floppy ears the big white bunnies are truly the “Ugly Ducklings” of the rabbit world.


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