Mick has been a stellar boy!!  We spent yesterday getting acquainted.  Found out he loves to play ball.  I just happened to have a good supply.  We must have played 4 times during the day for about 1/2 hr each time.  He lets me know when he needs to go outside however he did poop inside twice yesterday BUT this morning he pooped outside and I made a big thing out of it and he jumped all around and barked that throaty bark of his big celebration!

He wanted badly to get up on my lap on "my" couch.  But I can't let him or he will want to all the time.  He does get up on the other couch and has already established his fav blankie. Last evening he spent the whole time in the "computer" room with me in a little bed I had got him.

Bedtime was crucial.  He of course wanted to get up again on the couch with me.  I sleep on the couch but I told him no a couple of times and he went to his couch and slept there.  He does get up if I do during the night or early morning but was no problem to go back to bed on his couch again.

I am totally enjoying him.  Will take him for his first walk sometime today. When I settle down he settles down, when I am up he is too. Oh and he is eating fine also. All is well!  Will take him to vet one day next week.

Thank you for a wonderful dog!

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