Minton & Limoges

Minton has really warmed up to me.  She likes to lean against my shin when I'm reading and she wants to nap.
Limoges is still a bit more shy than Minton; but, the other day, when I woke from my nap, she was lying on top of Minton, who was lying on top of my shin.
Do you have any history of their early life?  They seem so skittish sometimes, I wondered if their original "parenting" was not up to par. In the first week that they were here, neither would leave the carrier, if I were around.  Then the next week, they discovered that they could hide behind the washer.  I was in a real panic, until I thought to look behind there.  I'd placed the carrier in the laundry room (in the house) with their stuff, so they would have their own space until they were ready to say hello.  For the next few weeks, Minton wouldn't appear at all and Limoges would venture out at night to explore.  I always knew when, because Minton would cry when Limoges was gone too long.  After awhile, Limoges seemed to be fed up with Minton and she'd go find a new hiding place to be alone.  But, Minton would eventually find her and plop down on top of her.  As Minton was larger than Limoges, the look on her face wasn't happy. For the last two months, they sleep wherever they wish, usually in a chair where I've placed one of their cuddle blankets.  In the beginning, they ate whatever dry and wet cat food I served.  But, when they would act as if they didn't like it, I would give them something else, until they would eat.  And when one wanted chicken, but the other wanted turkey, I'd give them what they each wanted.  The local shelter gets their cast-offs.  I think Minton and Limoges are in league with the shelter kitties,  insuring that they all eat very well.  But, I wouldn't want it any other way. These two have really brightened my life. Even when they play tag team hocky from one end of the house to the other at 2am in the morning. 🙂

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