Olivia Scout

Hope, you are enjoying your Summer! We have some new pics of our girl! She is really happy and we are completely over the moon for her. Right now, we are trying to figure out where we want to go on vacation in a month....and we are taking our Olivia Scout with us! We are really excited to travel with her. We had a German Shepherd mix for 14 years and we were able to travel with her and stay in hotels, etc., but a 9 lb dog is so much easier versus a 75 lb dog!
Olivia Scout has completed 3 of the 6 puppy classes and everyone in class, including the trainer has remarked how much Olivia Scout has improved. She was assessed as a fear-based barker, so we are trying to desensitize her by giving her plenty of experience with the people and dogs in class and elsewhere, too. At the first two classes, Olivia Scout barked almost constantly. She was much more calm at this Saturday's class and actually jaunted into the training room! Yay! Also, she is learning the commands quickly. We work on them at least once a day. Olivia Scout has mastered "Take it," "Leave It," "Down,".... that one is a little tougher, but she eventually does it after about 30 seconds. We are using treats along with the clicker training and of course, we need to practice incorporating all these great new skills outside the training room and the house! That's the real test :).
I am pet sitting a relative's Shi Tzu-mix right now for 3 weeks while they are in Italy. Olivia Scout and "Allie" didn't know each other at all at the start, but now the two girls are BFF's. Allie goes home next Sunday, but then I will have a friend's Maltese-poodle, "Mac" arriving for 3 weeks on 6/12. Mac is a boy and Olivia Scout is crazy for him....like she was with "Mick". All of these dogs are surely helping Olivia Scout learn how to make and be friends!
Hope, you are still placing lots of precious doggies into their "forever homes".
Mark, Kim & Olivia Scout

We hope you and everyone at the SPCA are doing great. Our new little family is doing very well :). We are madly in love with our little Olivia (previously Scout). After 2 weeks of being in her "forever home" and settling in, she is now developing a cute little personality. Olivia loves all of her toys, playing ball and her walks. She brings us so much joy....we could not be happier!
Olivia had her first veterinary appointment and her vet is Dr. Frank Lux. Dr. Lux deemed little Olivia "perfect". We could have told him that! He noticed that she has a "slight misalignment of her teeth," but he said that it is "not a problem"...... and you know, that just adds to her cuteness!! Dr. Lux finished her puppy shots and gave her an "updated rabies shot."
We found her a cute little red leather collar with hearts and a red blingy leash to match. We also bought her a red nylon body walking-harness, but I think I need to exchange it for a smaller one. Of course, she is adorable in her ensemble. When I first saw Olivia on the SPCA website she was wearing a red collar and it really looks like her perfect color. Here are some new pics...a couple I took just today. I measured her a week ago and again on Saturday. She was still 9 inches tall, but had increased an inch in length, 12 inches.
Olivia is such a love. She loves to be held and is so happy when she wakes up in the morning. We are greeted with kisses and wide-mouth yawns over and over. It is just the cutest! Olivia has done great on her house-training. She is going to the door by herself to be let outside. She got it pretty fast. It has been a week with a perfect record. She loves to please and she is very smart. I am including a teaspoon of (mashed) green peas with her organic chicken and kibble. She also loves carrot peels. She runs off with a peel, gobbles it down, then returns for more.....sooo cute! I have a Kong that I fill with treats when she is in her Sherpa at home while I grocery shop.
I give her Dingos or Cet chews to gnaw on with our supervision and she really enjoys those, too.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this little treasure, our little Olivia. If you like, we would be quite happy to continue sending you photos of Olivia. She honestly grows cuter and cuter everyday!
Kim, Mark & Olivia Scout

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