Pallo aka Bruce

Good Afternoon: I wanted to let you know how Bruce was doing since he rescued me on 12.30.13. After suffering a devastating loss of my Doxy, “Bruce” (later named Pallo) turned out to be just what I needed to snap out of my sadness. From the first night I met him I fell in love. He has adapted to the house rules (which… there aren’t any), my 2 Chihuahua’s and the daily schedule. He is really smart since it only took one night sleeping in my bed to break him of his crate. He also figured out the dog door … but that took about 2 days. He made instant friends with one chi and won over the 2nd chi a week later when they went to the groomer’s together. He is very co-dependent and that’s good since I am too. I don’t believe he realizes I needed him way more than he needed me. Thank you to everyone for all you do…my Pallo is loved to the moon and back; I attached a picture for you to see his happiness!

Kelly Dunn

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