Tess and I are doing great!  We still have a few issues with the leash, but we are working on it.  For the first week or so, I could take off and put on collars and harness, but something spooked her, so we are back to leaving the leash on all the time. I have hired a trainer to help on various issues.  She said we will just take our time as I said I want to do everything with positive reinforcements.  LOVE and treats.

We take several mile long walks daily; she really moves!  Good exercise for me too. She sleeps in her crate all night and eats well. I have succeeded in giving her 2 baths in my shower with me.  I have a cat door that Tess fits through just fine. She doesn't come through on her own yet. I hold open the flap and she will come through. She loves riding in the car in her special doggie bed.

We are currently cuddled on the couch watching the 49'ers. Thank goodness she likes football as much as I do!

The last photo is on New Year's Eve; she just couldn't make it until midnight.

I am so happy to have this little ball of fun in my life. I think since there is just the two of us, we have bonded beautifully. Next challenge will be getting her nails trimmed.

Good to hear from you. I love that you folks keep checking on our progress.
Pam & Tess

I want to let you know that Tess has adjusted to me and my home wonderfully.  She is a joy to live with. I had a trainer come to my home and her methods of positive learning really helped.

Tess comes running when I say "take a walk" or "take a ride in the truck". We have conquered the leash problem and she is 99% potty trained and goes on gentle command. She loves all the dogs in our neighborhood (and there are many); walks on the bike trail, and has overcome her fear of bikes completely. Baths are no problem and she eats all her food as long as I stay nearby in the kitchen. The only issue we have not mastered is the nail clipping. We had a few traumatic unsuccessful instances with local, highly recommended groomers.  On the advice of the trainer, we go to a woman who grooms dogs in her home and after wrapping her in a towel, we managed clipping her nails. We have also returned just to visit this groomer so Tess will become less anxious.

Tess has learned "sit", "lay down" and go to her bed on command. She sticks to me like glue when off the leash and comes on command.

She loves going to the dog park in Roseville with my friends and their little dogs and has fun at their house while we all eat and play cards.  I'm attaching a few photos to show how happily she has adjusted to life with me. I don't know which of us is luckier to have found each other. I thank you for helping me adopt this little love bug!

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