Turk is doing wonderful he has full use of his back leg and is able to stand on it with ease.  When we are out on walk...he loves to keep on going, he sometimes likes use three legs but that is typical of a Chihuahua and we don't mind.  He had a tonsillectomy a few weeks ago as he kept on getting tonsillitis but is on the road to recovery.  Pogi and him have become the best of friends and when I have leave at the vets for any length of time...Pogi whines like crazy until I pick Turk up from the vets. (Pogi goes running inside the store all the way to back desk trying to get to his brother!) They have become best of friends but most all he is a welcome part of our family.

Turk is one of the most loving dogs ever and when I come home from school we play a game of chase...his nick name is Happy Feet because he runs around the house jumping all over the play like someone tape dancing to his own tune! So for a dog that was once thought of as too old and a gimp....no he is our young man at heart!

Turk, Pogi, Melodie and Howard

PS: As you can see by his hind leg, Turk is doing a wonderful job of putting it all the way down!

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