Placement Volunteers (Must be at least 10 years old)
Involvement in our animal placement/animal adoption events is one easy and rewarding way to volunteer for us. Volunteers sit with adoptable dogs at our adoption site, help with set-up and clean up of the event, and provide general assistance. We hold adoption/placement events at the Davis Petco most Saturdays, and volunteer help is needed from 11:45 am until 4:00 pm. Volunteers are not required to help all day, nor every week. Placement volunteers make it possible for us to showcase our adoptable animals and make a huge difference in getting our animals adopted!

Email: volunteer@yolospca.org

Foster Homes 
Not sure you are ready to make a lifetime commitment to a pet? Try fostering dogs or cats! Our foster homes provide care and housing for animals in the Yolo County community on a short-term basis.  We provide supplies and veterinary care. Reap the rewards of that comes from fostering animals! Click here to learn more or watch our Dog Foster Home Video and Cat Foster Home Video!

Email: YoloSPCAFoster@gmail.com

Thrift Store (Must be 16 years old)
Thrift Store volunteers' duties range from processing donations, assisting the public, and helping with the output and organization of clothes. Since the Thrift Store is our main source of funding, our volunteers are extremely important. We ask that these volunteers are at least 16 years of age. Volunteer shifts are not assigned but scheduled by you and generally must be longer than one hour. Click here for the forms needed to be a Thrift Store volunteer.

Email: thriftvolunteer.spca@gmail.com

Volunteers are needed to write articles for our quarterly newsletter, photography, and editing of the newsletter.

Email: newsletter@yolospca.org

Special Events (all ages) 
There are various events throughout the year that require volunteer help.

Email: info@yolospca.org

Yolo County Animal Services 
Some of the services shelter volunteers perform include providing dog and cat socialization, grooming, and dog walking. The shelter is located at 2640 East Gibson Road, Woodland, and is run through the Yolo County Sheriff's Department.  Animal Services volunteers are separate from our Yolo County SPCA non-profit volunteers in their duties and the location of services.  Click here to learn more about their volunteer opportunities.

Community (Feral) Cats
We are starting some new projects locally to humanely manage the Community Cat population.  Some ways people can help these homeless, unadoptable cats includes feeding at managed colonies, transporting cats in to vet appointments, or donating food.  Please contact us for details on how you can help.

Email: feralcats@yolospca.org   Phone: (530) 758-7722

Educational Material
Do you live in an apartment complex with a bulletin board, or go to a community center where information can be posted?  One of the reasons there is pet overpopulation is a lack of information.  If you'd like to post local low-cost spay/neuter options, feral cat information, Yolo County SPCA pets of the month, or have other information you'd like to share with your community, please let us know.

Email: spayneuter@yolospca.org

Special Skills
Do you have a skill or profession that doesn't seem like it relates to animals?  If you are willing to donate your time, let us know about it anyway!  The Yolo County SPCA has opportunities for many different skills: writing, technology, law, transportation, working with kids. . . give us your ideas!  Even if we can't use your skills to help animals right away, knowing who to contact if a need arises is wonderful.  Help us channel more of our non-profit's resources straight to animals, and to fundraise for animals.

Email: info@yolospca.org

Other Rescue Groups
If some of these things interest you, but you are looking for even more ways to help, please let us know.  We can help direct you to special events going on to help animals or clinics that need assistance through other groups like Sacramento Area Animal Coalition or Sacramento SPCA.

Email: spayneuter@yolospca.org