Wynsdy, previously Stormageddon or Stormi, was rescued after being thrown from a car on the highway. She had lost partial control over her tongue, but was still sweet as can be! Now, Wynsdy is thriving - she is gaining about 2.5 pounds per week.  She has a spunky personality and loves to explore her new yard.  Mason fell in love with her almost immediately, but Prudence is still getting used to her new baby sister.  We are so happy that we were chosen to give Wynsdy a forever home full of love, fun with camping adventures including hiking and swimming.

Thought you might enjoying seeing what a cutie pie Wynsdy (aka Stormi) has grown into. She is super smart, precocious, confident and extremely spoiled! We are amazed by her everyday - I wish you could see her run and play with Prudence and Mason...I tried getting video, but she is way too fast.


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