Yolo County SPCA Transports

Depending on need, Yolo County SPCA transports cats a few times a month from central
locations in Woodland and Davis to low cost clinics out of the area. Please call or email the
Spay/Neuter Coordinator at (530) 902-6269 or spayneuter@yolospca.org for more details on dates. If you are seeking to schedule an appointment, please email if possible.

The transport involves owners contacting the Spay/Neuter Coordinator to make an appointment, and then dropping off cats at the selected meeting point early in the morning (5:30 in Woodland, 6:15 in Davis), signing clinic and Yolo County SPCA paperwork, paying for treatments to be provided (cash is typically the accepted payment option, or a check made out to "Yolo County SPCA"), and picking the cats back up at the selected meeting locations that evening. Cats will need to be transported in labeled hard plastic carriers (these can be borrowed). Feral cats can come on these trips in humane traps, but feral caretakers should be aware of the other options available specifically for helping ferals that may be more affordable (see “feral clinics” below).

Clinics Currently Participating the Spay/Neuter Runs:

Sacramento SPCA
Address: 6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA
Website: http://www.sspca.org/program-services/vaccinations-microchips-and-licenses/
Phone: 916-383-7387


This clinic also offers testing, other vaccinations, and other services. For more details please look at their website or speak with the Yolo County Spay/Neuter Coordinator.