Wildlife Rescue

Yolo County SPCA does not take in wild animals. Following are resources for the care of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

ALL Wildlife:  For a list of options of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, please click HERE.

Specific Bird Rescue:  There is also a wild bird rescue in McClellan.

Bat Rescue:  If you come across a bat on the ground- DO NOT TOUCH it.  It will then have to be killed to ensure it didn't have rabies.  Bats cannot take off from the ground, and will need assistance from an experienced rescuer.  Cover it with a box or container and call Nor Cal Bat Rescue immediately.  Read carefully about the animal you are rescuing before you pick it up and bring it in; many times the animal does not need rescue and may actually be put in more danger by being moved.