When Leo first got adopted, we posted this status on our Facebook page:
"When we have animals who come to us with stories like Leonidas's, we can't help but feel extra happy when they find their adoptive homes. Leo was picked up by a kind samaritan who witnessed someone tossing the 8 week old Pit/Boxer puppy out of a car!! Luckily, Leo sustained no injuries, physically nor emotionally. He proved to be your typical dorky happy puppy who just wanted to play and eat and cuddle! Today, he was adopted by a couple who had another puppy, Diego (left), and the pups played together the WHOLE time Leo's new mom and dad picked out his things! The two boys will clearly have a blast together... and hopefully wear each other out a little!"
Now his adopters have sent us an update to let us know that he found the perfect home and still absolutely adores his new brother:
Leo (whom we've now named Cooper) has fit wonderfully into our family.  He and Diego are best buds and enjoy chasing each other in the field next to our house.  Cooper is a big snugglebug and hard to take pictures of because he is always playing with Diego or, if we sit down on the floor to take his picture, he instantly crawls into our lap.  Neither Chase nor I have found him to be nippy (he's never even mouthed my hand)...all he wants to do when hyper Diego isn't trying to play with him is sleep in our lap...usually with his butt up in the air because he is too big for my lap.  He quickly found the doggie toy box and loves rummaging through and picking out toys.  He saw the vet last week and had a clean bill of health.  Thank you all for taking such great care of him before we found him.  Attached are pictures.

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