Hope Fund

The purpose of the Hope Fund is to help reduce relinquishment of animals to the shelter and rescue groups by providing financial assistance for veterinary care to responsible pet owners and enabling them to keep their animals as a member of their family.  This program is not designed to provide assistance for emergency veterinary care.

All applicants are REQUIRED to apply for Care Credit prior to contacting the Yolo County SPCA.  If Care Credit does not provide funding, or if supplemental funding is needed, the applicant may contact the Yolo County SPCA for a phone interview (530-902-6264) prior to applying for funding.  This ensures that applicants understand the process and the eligibility requirements of the Hope Fund. Applications that are sent in prior to a phone interview will not be processed.

The monetary amount available to applicants will vary but will not exceed $500.  If the amount is to help with ongoing care, the length of assistance will not exceed six months or $500, whichever occurs first.  This is a one-time process and once an individual has been approved for funding, they will not be eligible to receive funding again.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. This program is available to Yolo County residents and only.  Applicants must also seek veterinary care from Veterinary clinics in Yolo County.
  2. Payment will be made directly to the veterinary clinic who must agree to bill the Yolo County SPCA and accept a check from the Yolo County SPCA within two weeks of treatment.
  3. Applicants must provide proof of income to demonstrate financial need.
  4. Animals must be spayed or neutered, if not spayed or neutered please include plans for having this done when submitting the application.
  5. Applicant must have a diagnosis and treatment plan from the veterinarian. Treatment must have a good or favorable outcome.
  6. The payment made to the veterinary clinic is a loan made on behalf of the client. The client agrees to pay back the loan in monthly installments.  Applicants must sign a promissory note to the Yolo County SPCA prior to funding for treatment.


  1. Treatments cannot be of a cosmetic nature
  2. Animals with behavioral and/or temperament problems will not be candidates for funding.

Click HERE to apply to our Hope Fund.