If You’ve Found a Pet

If you have found a pet:

• Download and complete a found report.
Form for lost and found dogs
Form for lost and found cats

• Submit this form to the Yolo County Animal Services at ycaslostpets@yolocounty.org and please e-mail a photo(s) if you can - it really helps! Details needed include date and location animals was lost, clearly stated and repeated contact information, and the lost pet's details (name, age, color, breed, sex, altered/unaltered, microchip number).

• Search for the pet’s owner. To search for the owner of a FOUND animal, talk to neighbors around the area you found the animal to see if anyone recognizes it. *Please note: we recommend that you do not give away all of the information about the animal. Leave some information out so the owner has to prove that it is their animal.

• Make fliers
Keep it clear and simple.  Use a photograph if possible (color copies are best).  The more fliers you distribute, the more likely you will reunite the lost pet with its owner!  During the rainy season, laminate the fliers or place them in plastic sleeves.

• Notify veterinary clinics
In case someone reports a lost animal matching your found pet!

• Have the animal scanned for a microchip. Please bring the lost animal in to any veterinary clinic or the Yolo County Animal Services shelter to have it scanned (for free) for a microchip. Many pet owners are utilizing microchips to identify their pets and the only way to tell if an animal is microchipped is to have it scanned! If you cannot bring the animal to the shelter to be scanned, please ask a local veterinary clinic if they have a “universal” or “international” scanner that detects all microchips. If they do, you can bring the animal to the vet clinic to have it scanned. If you are not sure of the breed, sex or age of the animal, please ask the staff at the shelter or vet clinic, as this information is very important for the found report.

• Post on Facebook Lost and Found Pets groups
Yolo County
West Sacramento

Please note: if you have found a CAT that looks like it is in healthy condition, please do NOT bring it to the shelter. More often than not, these cats are either outdoor cats or indoor cats who can better find their own way home than if they were brought to the shelter. You may choose to put a paper collar on the cat with your information and ask that the owner contact you when they see to collar in order to make sure the cat has a home.