If You’ve Lost a Pet

*Please report lost pets promptly as the stray holding period at the shelter is only 72 hours*

If you have lost your pet:

• Visit www.petharbor.com to search for your pet:
PetHarbor lists all the animals (stray and up for adoption) at local shelters. Please keep in mind that information listed may not always be correct, so use "no preferences" in your search. If you live in West Sacramento, it is wise to view animals at the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services in addition to those at the Yolo County Animal Services, just in case

• Download and complete a lost report.
Form for lost and found cats
Form for lost and found dogs

• Submit this form to the Yolo County Animal Services at ycaslostpets@yolocounty.org and please e-mail a photo(s) if you can - it really helps!  Include as much information as you can on the form. Remember to email again when you find your animal so they can remove your lost report.

• Post on Facebook Lost and Found Pets groups
Yolo County
West Sacramento

Search for your pet in your neighborhood/community
Talk to your neighbors and enlist their help.  For timid cats, be sure to search places where they can hide.  Early morning is an excellent time to search.  Ask your neighbors if you may check their backyards.  Keep searching regularly.  For indoor only cats, leave their litterbox or a rug from the house outside so they can smell their own scent and recognize their home and visit www.catsinthebag.org for more great tips.

• Make fliers
Keep it clear and simple.  Use a photograph if possible (color copies are best).  The more fliers you distribute, the more likely you will recover your pet!  During the rainy season, laminate the fliers or place them in plastic sleeves.

• Notify veterinary clinics
In case someone brings your animal in injured or as a stray.

• Visit the Yolo County Animal Services shelter to look for your pet. The Yolo County SPCA does check the stray animals at the shelter on a regular basis to try to reunite stray animals with their owners. However, no one knows your pet better than you, and we suggest you check the shelter personally. Remember, strays are only legally required to be held for 72 hours, so check regularly. You can view photos and descriptions of the stray animals at the shelter by visiting www.petharbor.com. Please be aware that you will not know what city or region of Yolo County the animal is from and you can not always count on the descriptions of the animals being accurate! If you think an animal may be your lost pet you can (a) call the shelter to check where the animal is from (reference the animal by its ID number, (b) check the animal in person at the shelter immediately, or (c) contact ycaslostpets@yolocounty.org and provide us with the ID number for the animal in question. The Yolo County Animal Services shelter and the Yolo County SPCA lost & found office are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Yolo County Animal Services shelter is located at:
2640 East Gibson Road
Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 668-5287 (press 0 to speak to a clerk during business hours, press 1 for dispatch of a field officer in the event of an emergency).

Shelter hours:
Tuesday – Friday from 10am -1pm and 2pm -6pm
Saturdays from 10am -1pm and 2pm -4pm