Low-cost clinics in Yolo County

There are low-cost vaccine clinics held throughout Yolo County.  Vaccines start as low as $10 (cost depends on vaccine type).  These clinics also offer microchipping, deworming, and many other services.  To find a clinic near you or to see specific prices, check out these websites:

VIP Petcare Services
Location: Sites in Davis, Woodland, Dixon, Sacramento (and other locations)
Cost:  Contact their help desk at 1.800.427.7973  or go to
Location: Davis and West Sacramento (and other locations)
Cost: Prices *Cash only.
Location: Sites in Woodland, Dixon, West Sacramento, Sacramento (and other locations)
Cost: Prices

Yolo County Animal Services
Yolo County Animal Services in Woodland offers vaccines and other services on a limited basis. Please go to their website and call ahead of time to make an appointment and for pricing.

ID tags and microchips

Too Many Lost Pets
Animal shelters take in millions of lost cats each year, and ninety-nine out of a hundred wear no identification. Less than three out of a hundred are found and reclaimed by their owners. One of those three is wearing a tag, and is usually found quickly.

Put an identification tag on your pet's collar with your name, address, and phone number. Tag your cat even if you never let it outside. One day it could slip through an open door and easily become lost in the unfamiliar neighborhood.

Break-Away Collars for Cats
There are collars made especially for cats with a short piece of elastic sewn in. These collars can be buckled snugly around the neck, but will stretch and let the cat escape if it should get hung up on a tree limb or fence.

Remember that far more cats have died because they got lost and their owners could not find them than have ever been hurt from wearing a collar.

The first time you put a collar on the cat, give it a catnip toy. The toy will distract the cats attention from the new feeling of wearing a collar. By the time it finishes shredding the new toy, it may have forgotten the collar entirely.

What is a Microchip?
Microchipping involves a tiny chip programmed with an identification number. About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip is implanted under the skin between a pet’s shoulder blades. The microchip number and owner identification are entered in a central registry. If a lost pet turns up in a shelter, the chip can be scanned and checked against the registry to locate the owner.

How to Microchip?
All dogs and cats at the Yolo County SPCA are microchipped prior to adoption. Additionally we take care of registering that microchip information with the central registry. If you have a pet that is not already microchipped you can get this done through your vet or at a microchip clinic.

The cost of microchipping is approximately $25 and registration is $18.