Yolo County Animal Services

Yolo County Animal Services (YCAS)

Yolo County Animal Services (YCAS) is an animal shelter located in Woodland run by the Yolo County Sheriff's Department. YCAS serves all of Yolo County and is responsible for enforcement of animal laws, rabies control and stray animals.

Yolo County Animal Services
2640 East Gibson Road
Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 668-5287

For more information about Yolo County Animal Services, please visit their website or their petfinder page or contact their volunteer coordinator at jonne.rodarte@yolocounty.org!

Yolo County SPCA

Yolo County SPCA is a non-profit foster home based animal rescue organization that finds home for homeless, abused and neglected animals.

Yolo County SPCA works closely with YCAS to help animals in need. YCSPCA acts as a referral service and connects the public with resources such as community cat TNR clinics. We assist with advice on TNR, and can help with trapping as resources permit. Also, YCSPCA assists cats and dogs from YCAS and other shelters when there are significant medical needs that cannot be helped through their local rescues.